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Gut Microbiome Research To Address

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    Weight Management
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    Abdominal Distress
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    Autoimmune Diseases
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    Energy & Vitality

Emerging science clearly shows that most of today's diseases and weight management issues center on a dysfunctional gut microbiome.

That the key to Elite Health is a properly fed and balanced microbiome.  Here's just one example of thousands, that when you:

Fix the Gut You Fix the Problem!

Hi! My name is Tammy Hester and I'm a work in progress. 

To date I've lost 30 pounds and over 29 inches all by learning how to reset my gut microbiome. 

I'm what you would call an “Emotional Eater!” And I was trapped in this vicious cycle of:

Get Frustrated – Eat Sweets – Feel Better – Get Cravings 

East Sweets – Get Frustrated at My Lack of Will Power!

In fact, there was a point where I simply lost hope in ever losing weight and feeling better.

Until I discovered the world of Microbiome Research.  How your gut health has everything to do with your overall health.  Even gaining weight and storing your food as fat.  How microbiome triggers your cravings.

And that when you change your gut health your change the outcome!

Fix the Gut Fix the Problem!

Now I want to empower others to do the same.

Tammy Hester - Florida

My Product of Choice

There are a lot of choices to reset your gut microbiome. The one that I used and continue to apply is the microbiome program from Synergy Worldwide. It all starts with their Purify Kit.

Synergy’s Purify Kit is comprised of patented products clinically tested to give your microbiome the overhaul it needs to start clean and fuel good health.

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Is "Change Your Gut Change Your Health" Really Possible?

Hi! My name is Dr. Jacob Hertz and I highly recommend Synergy Worldwide's Purify Kit.  It has helped me experience some significant health improvements.  Like most people in our country I was living with the following symptoms:

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    Brain Fog
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    Difficulty Sleeping
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    Difficulty Breathi​​​​ng (at times)
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    Chronic cough and congestion
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    Frequent Colds
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    And Digestive Issues

I felt anxious at times. I even felt depressed.  So I decided to apply "Change Your Gut Change Your Health" to see if this would really work.

With a little bit of planning and shopping beforehand, I found a routine that worked for me.  I did my best eating whole, organic, non-GMO foods and stuck with the program.  After 3 days I felt my body changing and health improving.  I felt even better by day seven.

As I've continued to apply what I've learned, every single symptom has either greatly improved or completely resolved. 

This program has redirected me from that of prescription medications and feeling miserable to being able to feel like I have my health back. I strongly believe your body can heal itself if given the right environment. This Purify Kit has been the best thing I’ve done to give my body the right environment to heal itself. I have since recommended the Purify Kit to all of my family members and they have experienced significant health improvements.

Jacob M Hertz, D.C.
St. Charles Pain and Wellness Center

For an overview of the Purify Kit, please click on the video below:

Guided by Dr. Matthew Tripp, the Chief Scientific Officer at Nature's Sunshine Products, the Microbiome product line from Synergy Worldwide is a clinically studied line of products.  Products that have provided remarkable benefits in resetting gut health for improved human performance.

Would You Like A Free PURIFY Kit?

I'm on a mission to help others learn and apply what I've learned.
If you have 4 friends that want to join you on this journey to reset your gut microbiome, then please contact me directly. If they all buy the Purify Kit, then I'll make sure that your kit is FREE.
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