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Four Key Marketing Strategies

  • Eliminate Heart Disease
  • Create Naturally Derived Energy
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Restore Gut Health

Eliminate Heart Disease

The number one killer of men and women worldwide is heart or cardiovascular disease. We believe Nitric Oxide Therapy can have a major impact on improving blood flow to reduce this risk. Synergy Worldwide's ProArgi-9+ is "clinically proven" in two significant areas and has been listed for the last 3 years in the Physicians' Desk Reference "as the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world."

Who Do You Know Who Has:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetic Complications
  • Cholesterol Concerns
  • Poor Sexual Health

Watch the video to the left to see how ProArgi-9+ can effectively address these health issues.

Create Naturally Derived Energy

People are tired and resort to energy drinks to get them going and stay going. Unfortunately, many of these energy drinks have significant side effects and health risks. But what if there was an energy drink that could create naturally derived energy? Thankfully there is with Synergy Worldwide's e9 energy supplement. Learn how you can tap into this $50 Billion Dollar industry.

Who Do You Know Who Would Like To:

  • Enhance Their Physical Energy and Performance
  • Improve Their Mental Alertness and Concentration
  • Avoid the "Crash and Burn" of Traditional Energy Drinks
  • Stimulate Their Body's Ability to Produce Energy Naturally

Watch the video to the left to see how e9 compares to the 5 leading energy drinks.

Improve Athletic Performance

This is a huge market. Every weekend hundreds of thousands of athletes participate in some type of sporting event. Every one of them could benefit from Nitric Oxide Therapy. A completely legal way (WADA Compliant) to naturally improve blood flow to deliver more oxygen and nutrients allowing athletes to see improvements in their workouts, performance, and recovery.

Who Do You Know Who Would Like To:

  • Experience a 15% Improvement in Performance
  • Produce 18xs More Energy
  • Reduce Lactic Acid Accumulation Which Limits Performance
  • Speed Their Recovery During Workouts and Events

Watch the video to the left to see how Nitric Oxide Therapy can athletic enhance performance.

Restore Gut Health

The emerging field of Microbiome science is clearly showing that the health of your gut flora directly influences your overall health. When out of balance it can be a major factor in obesity and overweight issues, as well as contributing to disease formation. In the 4th Quarter of 2016 Synergy Worldwide will be releasing their Patent Pending Microbiome Products and Program to address this issue.

Who Do You Know Who:

  • Struggles With Stomach Disorders
  • Has Difficulty Digesting Their Food
  • Experiences Bloating and Excess Gas
  • Struggles With Their Weight

We will be producing a series of videos to help you educate potential clients on this emerging field of Microbiome science.

How Synergy's patent pending products and program can help them address their health issues.

All of this new material will be made available to Our Synergy Family members.​

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