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Welcome to Our Athletic Performance Marketing Strategy!

This page is designed to help you develop your marketing strategy for Athletic Performance and how nitric oxide can improve training, performance, and recovery. We've organized this page in the following manner to make it easier to find information:

  • Key Videos on Athletic Performance, ProArgi-9+, and ProArgi-9+ Active
  • Key Resource Tools for Athletic Performance, ProArgi-9+ and ProArgi-9+ Active
  • Specific Videos on how Nitric Oxide Therapy Addresses Key Health Concerns
  • Recorded Saturday Trainings that apply to Athletic Performance
  • Testimonials on how Athletic Performance

If you have any questions or need help, then please contact your Synergy Worldwide sponsor or you can contact me directly:

Dan Hammer

Key Videos on Athletic Performance, ProArgi-9+,

and ProArgi-9+ Active

ProArgi-9+ Our Product of Choice

Dan Hammer Health Video

What is Nitric Oxide Therapy?

Our Synergy Family Video

How Nitric Oxide Therapy Addresses Athletic Performance

Our Synergy Family Video

ProArgi-9+ Quick Facts

Synergy Worldwide Video

ProArgi-9+ Active

Synergy Worldwide Video

The Hughes Center Tour

Synergy Worldwide Video

IAM Cycling - Synergy EU

Synergy Worldwide Video

Synergy Conquers Ragnar

Synergy Worldwide Video

Elite Health Fitness

Synergy Worldwide Video

Key Resource Tools for Athletic Performance, ProArgi-9+,

and ProArgi-9+ Active

Synergy Products for Athletic Performance PDF

ProArgi-9+ Comparison Chart

Cologne List Approval - ProArgi-9+ & e9

ProArgi-9+ Instructions English

ProArgi-9+ Instructions Spanish

ProArgi-9+ Instructions Packets

ProArgi-9+ Active Fact Sheet

ProArgi-9+ Fact Sheet

Checklist for Determining the

Best L-Arginine Supplement

NO More Heart Disease

by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro


and The Physicians' Desk Reference

ProArgi-9+ Brochure - English

ProArgi-9+ Brochure - Spanish

ProArgi-9+ Science Info Sheet - English

ProArgi-9+ Science Info Sheet - Spanish

Recorded Saturday Training that apply to Athletic Performance

Synergy Products for

Athletic Performance

Marketing Nitric Oxide Therapy in 2020

The Power of Nitric Oxide Therapy

What Is and How to Market Elite Health

The Science of Nitric Oxide Therapy

The Science of ProArgi-9+


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