We empower our distributors with

Resource Tools and Videos

  • Gain Access to "The Synergy Library"
  • Send "Our Virtual DVD" to Potential Clients
  • Leverage Our Business Opportunity Meeting
  • Utilize Our Health, Fitness & Business Videos

Gain Access to "The Synergy Library"

The Synergy Library is designed to empower you and your team to greater success. To give you access to videos, marketing tools, strategies, and exclusive information pages that can help you acquire customers and attract business builders to be Elite Honors Qualified each month.

It's all about the implementation of knowledge to achieve a positive outcome.  Our Synergy Library will help you combine your passion with competency to achieve greater success.

There are 6 sections to The Synergy Library. Each section contains powerful information that will enable you and your Synergy team to be more effective in sharing information.

Especially our "Health & Business Video Library!" It's packed with key videos that can do most of your work for you.

If you join Our Synergy Family, then you'll be blown away by what we've created to help you succeed.

Send "Our Virtual DVD" to Potential Clients

This is one of our most powerful resource tools. It's FREE to use and works for you 24/7.

It contains 7 targeted videos.

The first 4 are product related to help acquire customers. The last 3 are business related to attract business builders.

Leverage Our Business Opportunity Meeting

We offer Our Synergy Family members two fantastic platforms from with to show the Synergy Worldwide business opportunity.

One is Live: Every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm EST (7 pm CST, 6 pm MST, 5 pm PST) we host a Live Business Opportunity Meeting on our "Go to Meeting" platform. Invite your guests from any place in the United States and Canada to join us via the internet.  Our presentation is powerful, concise, has a clear call to action, and allows for live questions and answers at the end.

One is Record: Like our virtual DVD, we also have a Virtual Business Opportunity Meeting.

This allows you to show our powerful presentation 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.

You can do your own presentations using this tool or send an email with a link to this landing page.

Utilize Our Health, Fitness & Business Videos

We're big on using videos to do most of the heavy lifting.

They're powerful. The process can be duplicated. Your new distributors don't have to be experts on content. Just teach them how to use videos.

Here's three examples all tied to videos for our three core marketing strategies:

Eliminate Heart Disease

Create Naturally Derived Energy

Improve Athletic Performance

As you can see we've create tremendous tools, videos, and resources to empower you and your Synergy team members to greater success. All designed to help you acquire customers and attract business builders.

If you can see how you and your team can effectively share these with others, then please take the next step:

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