Learn How to Be Elite Honors Qualified

The core building block to your Synergy business is the Elite Honors Program. It is designed to reward Team Members each month for their business building efforts. The more times you qualify, the more rewards you'll earn.

The Two Qualifications For Being Elite Honors Each Month Are:

1 – Accumulate a minimum of 600 CV in Tracking Center 1 volume

2 – Personally sponsor a new team member with a minimum of 150 CV in Activation Volume

By being Elite Honors Qualified each month, you will build a successful business on a solid foundation of both customers and business builders. The following video will help you understand the how to be Elite Honors Qualified in North America.

Learn How to Effectively Use Our 10 10 Club

When you understand how to effectively harness the Elite Honors Program in the structure of Our 10 10 Club, you can experience significant increases in your residual income stream from Synergy Worldwide.

The below video is from one of our Saturday Training programs.  It will give you a good overview of the 10 10 Club and how you can use this systematic approach to build your Synergy Worldwide business.

Learn How to Effectively Sponsor and Place

One of the keys to your success is learning how to properly sponsor and place your new distributors into your Synergy Worldwide organization.  The video below is from one of our Saturday Training programs.  It will help you understand the technique we teach to help you maximize Synergy Worldwide's Dual Linear Mega Match Compensation Plan.

Links to All of Synergy Worldwide's Promotions

In addition to Synergy Worldwide's Dual Linear Mega Match Compensation Plan, there are additional promotional programs designed to reward you with Product Credits, Title Plus Bonuses, and Excellent Trips.

If you click on the images below you'll be taken to the Synergy Blog that will provide you with all the necessary details for that promotion.

As you can see we want to help you build a dynamic Synergy organization of both customers and business builders. One that creates both cash flow and residual income leading to financial independence.

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