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Arnold Brod

Over the last year there have been quite a few network marketing companies that have closed their doors or cut their pay plans.

Consequently their distributors have suffered and been left without a stable environment on which to build a vibrant, home-based business.

If you have a passion for health and want a stable company with a "clinically proven" product, then we welcome you to evaluate Our Synergy Family.

By putting customers first, sales have grown from $68 million to $130 million. Over the next 5 years, Synergy Worldwide is committed to becoming a
HALF BILLION Dollar Company!

Do You Want To Join A Stable Company Experiencing Significant Growth?

Here are just a few key benefits Synergy Worldwide offers experienced network marketers over other network marketing companies:

  • Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America's Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies
  • Only Direct Selling Company to make the Forbes 100 list
  • Owned by Nature's Sunshine Products and utilizes all their manufacturing expertise and quality control standards 
  • Synergy Worldwide's Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, under the direction of Chief Science Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp, is the only research center like it in the world
  • "Clinically Proven" product in ProArg-9+ that effectively harnesses the power of Nitric Oxide Therapy 
  • Listed for 3 years in the Physicians' Desk Reference (2014, 2015, & 2016) as "the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world"
  • Recognized Internationally by Poland's OTIS Award and England's CAMexpo Award
  • Synergy's Dual Linear Mega-Match Compensation Plan offers you multiple streams of income to create both Cash Flow and Long Term Residual Income that can lead to Financial Independence 

We're looking for people who believe in network marketing as a business model that can empower others to greater success.

We invite you to join us in riding this corporate growth by using marketing tools and resources that will help you effectively duplicate your efforts.

Listen to our short introductory video and then check out the rest of the page.​

Interested in Joining Our Team? Then please contact Arnold Brod at
609-410-4790 or email me at

We've created powerful marketing tools and business strategies to help you and your team members effectively grow your Synergy business.

This results in a loyal customer base and greater organizational volume creating cash flow and long term residual income to reward you for your efforts. Marketing tools like:

  • The Synergy Library, which hosts powerful Health, Athletic Performance, and Business Building videos
  • Specific Marketing Action Plans to help you acquire customers and attract business builders
  • Our Virtual DVD, which contains 7 powerful video tracks that address the needs of both product users and business builders
  • Live Wednesday night and Saturday morning training sessions to help you hone your skills
  • Our Virtual Business Opportunity Meeting, which allows you to show the product and business opportunity 24/7 on any electronic device that has an internet connection
  • Our Live Business Opportunity Meeting on Tuesday nights at 7 pm CST, which allows anyone  in the United States and Canada to connect to a live presentation in the comfort of their home
  • 3 Core Marketing Strategies, which help you identify your core marketing platform and the niche you want to brand yourself in

We guarantee that you will not find another group in Synergy Worldwide that has the resources we offer Our Synergy Family Members. Resources to empower you to greater success with the most stable network marketing company in the nutrition industry - Synergy Worldwide

Interested in Joining Our Team? Then please contact Arnold Brod at
Arnold Brod or email me at

Want more information? Then watch our 20 minute Business Opportunity Presentation.

Our video will help you understand how Synergy Worldwide offers you the opportunity to build a strong customer base for cash flow. And a strong network marketing base of business builders to create long term residual income.​

Rock solid components so that your time and efforts are rewarded while you build your Synergy business.​

Got Questions? Then please contact Arnold Brod at
609-410-4790 or email me at

It's Decision Making Time!

Are You Ready To Join Our Team?

Then please contact Arnold Brod at
609-410-4790 or email me at